Cashless vending installation for vending machines

Our cashless vending level up your vending machine, allowing customers to pay contactless while you have full access to insights using Nayax technology.

How cashless payment in vending machines works for retail?

Cashless payment allows customers to make purchases swiftly and conveniently without the need for physical cash. They can use credit cards, debit cards, or mobile payment apps. The process is seamless, reducing transaction time and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Customers choose their desired product from the vending machine.


Payment is made through various cashless methods such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, or contactless payments.

We install Nayax systems, allowing you to view the exact balance and check other important insights about your vending machine.

Confirmation and dispensing

Once the payment is confirmed, the vending machine dispenses the selected item, providing a quick, secure, and convenient shopping experience for customers in retail settings.

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Contactless payment setup for individuals, small and big companies

Our services offer hassle-free and secure cashless vending transactions through bank cards, including credit cards, smart cards, prepaid cars and phones. You can choose between contactless payments or inserting the card into the reader without the need for PIN code authorisation.

Either you are small entrepreneur or big shark you’ll enjoy easy and secure payments with our installation services, tailored to your preferred payment method, ensuring maximum safety and convenience.

Nayax is PCI DSS 3.2 certified and adheres to GDPR standards, ensuring the system’s security meets the industry’s highest standards.

Yes, Nayax’s solutions are easy to integrate with and offer a retrofittable, plug and play installation.

In cashless transactions, payments are made or accepted without the use of hard cash. This includes payments made via credit/debit cards, cheques, DD, NEFT, RTGS or any other form of online payment that removes the need for cash.

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22.09.2023 John Campbell JC LTD

We are incredibly satisfied with Gold Vending’s Services. Their state-of-the-art machines are consistently filled with a variety of snacks and beverages, ensuring our employees are always content. Their quick customer support and dedication to eco-friendly practices are truly remarkable. We highly recommend Gold Vending to any business seeking reliable vending solutions.

11.11.2023 Marie Donell MV LTD

We couldn’t be happier with the top-notch service provided by GVS. Their cutting-edge vending machines are stocked with a diverse selection of snacks and beverages, delighting our team every day. The prompt and efficient customer support, coupled with their commitment to environmentally friendly practices, reflects their outstanding professionalism. We wholeheartedly endorse Silver Solutions to any organisation in search of dependable vending solutions.

01.12.2023 Mat Nowak Nowak Consultions

Gold Vending Solutions has exceeded our expectations with their exceptional services. The modern vending machines are consistently filled with a wide array of delicious snacks and refreshing drinks, ensuring our staff stays satisfied throughout the day. Their responsive customer support and unwavering dedication to sustainability are truly commendable. We enthusiastically recommend Platinum Vending to any company looking for reliable and eco-conscious vending solutions.

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